Police in Richmond, B.C. have arrested two men they believe are related to multiple burglaries following a lengthy undercover investigation.
Richmond RCMP say the two suspects, a 21-year-old man from Richmond and a 24-year-old man from Langley, are both known to police.
Their names have not been released but police say the  24-year-old had prior arrest warrants that were issued by RCMP in Nanaimo and Langley.
Mounties sent undercover officers throughout the city after noticing a spike in the number of residential burglaries.
“Our officers and those from our various specialized units are working tirelessly, investigating every possible lead, no matter how small,” says RCMP Cpl. Simon Lee.
RCMP say undercover officers finally spotted a blue Audi SUV in the 8000 block of No. 3 Rd. that had been reported as stolen from a home.
After following the blue Audi, police came across a Lexus SUV that had also been reported stolen.
The drivers of both vehicles were arrested later in the day.
The spike in residential crime has prompted RCMP to remind people to be proactive and protect their homes. They say to leave the lights on when you leave and give the illusion of someone being home.
Police also say to store your car keys some place a would-be thief would have trouble finding them.
Post Source: CBC