workplace security

Business owners have a lot on their plate without having to worry about workplace security, and that’s where the professionals at Imperial Security come in. We have a longstanding reputation of providing thorough, affordable, and experienced commercial security services for all types of businesses and situations. Whether you need a warehouse, industrial, personal business, strata, or office security let the team at Imperial Security work for you. We have many types of security services – from technology to commercial security guards – and are always eager to make a plan that works best for you. Below are some of the various types of workplace security we offer.

Commercial Security Guards

Commercial security guards are the classic foot patrols that you see in many workplaces that already have workplace security in place. These business and office security guards can provide 24-hour service and an onsite presence to address security concerns as they arise and deter them from happening in the first place. The team at Imperial Security has protocols in place to address and report incidents should they arise but, ultimately, the goal is to prevent them and our staff has a longstanding history of doing just that.

Mobile Patrols

Whereas standard commercial security guards are generally stationed in one place, mobile patrols are meant to serve a large peripheral property. At Imperial Security, we can provide mobile patrol guards on either bike or in vehicles to survey and provide a presence around larger properties. Perhaps even more so than stationed guards, mobile patrol security guards are an excellent way to deter crime from happening on your premises. They provide thorough coverage and are trained to leave no corner left insecure.

Alarms and Access Control

In addition to traditional security guards, Imperial Security can also provide ample technology to increase your workplace security. From alarms – and an associated organized response – to access control systems that provide and prevent certain individuals from entering buildings or rooms, Imperial Security can provide it with all. While security guards serve as the frontlines of response in the face of crime or emergency, the security technology that Imperial Security can provide will keep your buildings and everything inside safe and secure.


You can’t put a price on workplace security, as the safety and protection of your people and assets are absolutely essential. At Imperial Security, we know the value of security more than anyone and have seen first hand the positive impact that our services provide to our clients. Whether you need a full security detail or perhaps just an additional presence, give Imperial Security a call today. Our experts are here to create the perfect catered security services strategy for your business and property.