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Of all the services that Imperial Security provides, perhaps none is more utilitarian and beneficial for all industries than our mobile patrol. Given the type of security that the mobile patrol service from Imperial Security provides, it is ideal for many businesses and industries.

What is a mobile patrol?

In short, mobile patrols are security guards mounted in vehicles, enabling them to cover a lot of ground most efficiently and effectively possible.

If your business has a significant amount of outdoor real estate, a mobile patrol is really the only way to ensure that there are eyes on all corners. In many instances, the mere presence of a mobile patrol service on the premises is enough to deter any ne’er-do-wells from causing any trouble. If something were to happen, the mobility of these security guards allows them to respond rapidly.

Finally, when on the scene, the dash cams located on the mobile patrol service vehicles allows them to capture all of the action for future evidence if needed. The versatility of Imperial Security allows us to help a variety of industries, all of which enjoy the benefits of added safety and security provided by mobile patrol services.

Residential Buildings and Hotels Mobile Patrols

If you manage a hotel, strata building, or other residential property, a mobile patrol can go a long way in ensuring your guests’ and residents’ security. Hotel building safety is especially important in this industry, as people will not live or stay in places where they do not personally feel secure. Mobile security services are the best way to protect an entire residential area, especially one with multiple buildings, parking lots, and entrances.

Retail Stores and Malls Mobile Patrols

Malls and retail areas generally have some of the largest parking lots around, making them a prime candidate for mobile patrol service. A retail & mall mobile security guard can do wonders in guaranteeing the security of all patrons to your store or mall. Because there is so much drivable terrain outside of these buildings, a mobile patrol can keep their eyes on a large area while simultaneously letting their presence be known to any would-be troublemakers.

Offices and Commercial Buildings Mobile Patrols

Like retail stores and malls, offices and commercial buildings also generally have a lot of exterior space. With multiple doors and entrances, large and spread out parking lots, and the constant coming and going of employees and clients, these industries are perfect for a mobile patrol. This added measure of office building security will increase the feeling of safety for employees, which, in turn, will translate to better productivity and a happier and more comfortable workplace overall.

Warehouses and Parkades Mobile Patrols

Warehouses and commercial parking structures are prime candidates for mobile security service. Both types of properties are defined by large swaths of paved space and the constant hustle and bustle of people moving in and out of the area. Warehouses generally have people working shifts all hours of the day, and people use parkades 24 hours each day. Given the sheer size of each, it only makes sense to hire a mobile patrol that can keep eyes on as much of the property as possible. If increasing safety and security around your warehouse or commercial parking lot is the goal, as it should be, integrating a mobile patrol truly is the only way to do so.


Mobile patrols are one of the most utilitarian and effective security measures available, and Imperial Security has the best patrols and technology in the Greater Vancouver Area. No matter what industry you operate in, consider adding a mobile patrol to increase the safety and comfort for all of those involved. Give the Imperial Security experts a call today for quotes, questions, or see how we can help improve your business’s security by adding our mobile patrol services.