People worldwide want their houses and properties to be safe, as do people in Surrey. So they employ the services of security companies who ensure the safety of your life and property. To provide unparalleled service, security firms use cutting-edge technology to remain on top of the game. They understand the importance of the safety of your property and business. You spend your sweat and blood making it what it is, which is why a security company’s ultimate goal is to provide excellent services to its clients at affordable rates.

A Surrey security company provides security guards to protect businesses, who do 24-hour on-site protection, foot or bike patrol for places cars cannot enter. These guards are highly trained and well educated in different areas to improve their skills. Their vehicles are also fitted with GPS tracking and dash-cams to provide rapid response and evidence to support incident reports. If you are wondering about the features of a security company in Surrey, they are listed below.

Electronic PDF Reports with Photographic Proof

Any evidence from a digital source is digital evidence. Since the tech and devices used by security firms all give digital evidence, these are converted to pdf reports. Photographs of the crime scene are also included for better investigation and help first responders and state agencies.

Real-time Location Tracking

With the help of GPS, vehicles and other devices can be tracked in real-time. Security companies can track colleagues, families, suspects, or others using this technology and find their exact location. The precision of this tech is quite high, that the location is accurate to a few feet. Security firms often use this technology to keep track of their guards on duty at various locations.

Dash-cam Verification

Dashboard cameras or dash cams, in short, are increasingly seen in cars nowadays. Their applications have also increased and are nearly everywhere in public vehicles such as buses, ambulances, taxis, fleets, etc. Employers use these to keep track of their employees and vehicles, by police to record events, parents to keep an eye on their teenage children driving, and many other reasons. Security companies can verify the footage recorded in the cameras and test the authenticity of the recording. Even the vehicles used by security guards on duty have dash cams. In case of a crime, these footages provide evidence for the investigation.

Highly Trained and Professional Guards

Security can never be compromised. Deploying highly trained guards at your property or business establishments would allow you to focus on growing your business without having to worry about theft or vandalism at your property. Security guards are highly trained to handle different scenarios that can take place. They always remain professional since they represent the company that employs them. Their training and competency are often reflected in their professionalism.

The efficiency with which security companies in Surrey are unparalleled. With highly experienced security professionals, we offer the best private protection in Surrey. Talk to us about your security needs, and we will provide the best service to you.