Loss Prevention

When running an office or business, there are many ways to cut corners and save money to increase your overall margins. Security, however, should not be one of them.

Having a safe and secure business environment, is imperative for your staff’s productivity and safety, as well as the comfort of your clients, visitors, and guests.

Virtually all businesses could benefit from hiring professional security guard services to identify areas of vulnerability, and many types of businesses could surely benefit from having security guards on their premises.

With decades of experience, Imperial Security has placed security guard services in many types of businesses all over Canada. What follows are a few examples of businesses that need security guard services to improve everybody’s overall safety and security on the property.

Retail Stores Security

This one should be a no brainer, as retail stores are often viewed as easy targets for shoplifters and petty theft. While a stolen t-shirt or handbag won’t bankrupt a business, these offences’ repeatability can have a detrimental impact on operations. Hiring a dedicated team of security guards for a store or shopping complex is a great way to deter smaller crimes from escalating into bigger problems.

Hotels Security

With the constant coming and going of visitors, hotels are not only an easy target for many criminals, but there is a responsibility to maintain a safe and quiet environment for guests as well. Hotel staff are rarely trained to deal with complaints and disturbances in their building, and a professional hotel security guard is a great solution for this.

Healthcare Facilities Security

Similar to hotels, there is a constant stream of visitors to healthcare facilities. What’s more, these visitors could be in the most stressful situation of their entire life. Healthcare environments are already full of the hustle and bustle, and it can be easy for a potential criminal to slip through the cracks. Add in the presence of expensive tools and prescription medicine, and it soon becomes clear that all healthcare facilities could benefit from security guards on site.

Construction Sites Security

While perhaps only temporary, construction sites are a playground for potential criminals. Dark spaces, expensive equipment, and easy access make these places the perfect place for snatch-and-grab operations or vandalism. Burglary or vandalism at a construction site could set a project back weeks to months, ultimately costing the company thousands of dollars. Of course, a great way to prevent or deter this type of malicious activity is by hiring construction site security guard services to keep an eye on the property after hours.


While the above examples demonstrate the value of security guards in certain businesses, at Imperial Security, we firmly believe that all businesses could benefit from professional security guards’ services. If you feel like your company could use a little added safety and security, give us a call. We’re always happy to discuss the perfect plan and strategy to cater to your specific needs.