Retail businesses suffer from billions of dollars in losses every year, and it’s no wonder why! Losing money through external theft like organized retail crime or shoplifting, they also have internal problems with employee thievery; larceny (theft); skimming – where they take credit card data without your permission for themselves as payment later on, etc. All of these issues can be controlled with the help of a loss prevention security guard. Still curious to know a few more reasons why you should hire one for your business? Here we go!

They are Trained to Help Prevent Theft from Inside as well as the Outside.

In the modern world, it’s not just burglars who pose a risk of theft. When thieves have access to an internal system that they can use to exploit your employees and inventory for their gain, they can cause irreparable damage to your company without ever stepping foot outside. Loss prevention security services can help mitigate this threat by providing a framework for monitoring and tracking business operations from inside and outside threats.

 They Help in Providing theft Training to Other Employees in the Store

Hiring a professional loss prevention officer will enrich your company by providing you with the knowledge and skills needed to prevent theft. They can train employees on how they should behave if something doesn’t feel right and educate them about warning signs that might indicate this behavior in advance, so it’s easier for everyone involved!

 They Can also Act as a Deterrent by Simply Being Present on the Property

We all know that feeling when we’re in a public place and notice the security guard watching from afar. It makes us feel safer, knowing they’re there to help if anything should happen. Loss prevention is a huge part of any retail company’s plan to protect its assets. In order for it to be an effective deterrent, loss prevention officers need to stay present in high-traffic areas of your store where you have the most valuable merchandise on display so customers will see them and feel safe while shopping with you!

They are Allowed to Perform Investigation with the Help of Law Enforcement

The law enforcement and loss prevention departments work together to investigate cases. This collaboration has helped reduce crime rates because it allows both departments to use their skillsets to investigate a case. Loss prevention is able to gather evidence that might have been missed by law enforcement due to time constraints or other investigative opportunities that must be prioritized. The partnership between these two departments helps create a safer community for all members of society, which will ultimately allow for more prosperity and growth throughout the city as well as the state.

The end of the year is typically a high-traffic time for retail stores to take advantage of holiday shoppers. In order to keep your store safe, you may need to hire an extra security guard or two at peak times. We can help you find and vet the best candidates for this position in less than 5 minutes! Our services are quick and easy, so don’t wait until it’s too late to start looking. Contact us today if you’re interested in learning more about our process today.