Many cities have written management plans detailing their plans for winter weather. Some cities even go so far as to demonstrate their preparedness with equipment displays.

When it comes to winterizing your business, Imperial Security is doing its part to make sure the safety and protection of your workers and property doesn’t fall short.

While property owners are responsible for property maintenance, including clearing snow and ice, Imperial Security guards wear footwear appropriate to the premises they’re protecting. If they need extra grip, they’ve got it; if they need steel-toed boots, they’ve got those. Uniforms incorporate reflective elements to make sure they can be seen even when visibility is low.

Similarly, mobile patrols in Imperial Security’s high-profile, branded vehicles are regularly inspected to ensure they’re in top working condition. Vehicles receive snow tires so that they’re able to handle whatever Mother Nature throws at them, whether in Calgary, Edmonton, or British Columbia’s Lower Mainland. The streets of Metro Vancouver aren’t known for snow, and local drivers aren’t known for knowing how to handle it when it happens, either. Imperial Security’s vehicles have the traction, and drivers have the skills needed to respond promptly and safely when bad weather hits.

The risks to property increase when the temperatures drop, either through compromised building systems, road accidents that result in damage to buildings, or trespassing from people seeking shelter. Imperial Security’s staff can gauge the risks to specific properties and tailor plans to address them.
In addition to standard foot patrols, services may include fire watch services and access control.
Regular foot patrols keep watch against those trying to avoid the weather and direct them to agencies that can provide appropriate assistance. Preventing trespassing is particularly important during the winter, given the risk from fires built by those trying to stay warm. Building sites are at risk, as construction materials are an easy source of fuel.

A security plan that takes the natural environment into account is always in season, and Imperial Security provides peace of mind at any time of year.